The Gabriel Merlino’s Ensemble offers to the audience an own musical speech in which the melodic elements from traditional Tangos make a crossover with the modern ornaments from Tango Nuevo and Jazz. The first class singer Vanina Tagini gives too a personal colour to the ensemble with her deeps interpretations always full of passion and life. This group shows the Río de la Plata spirit with the authenticity and strength that love for their culture gives to their souls.

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Vanina Tagini: After her professional debut in Traditional Café Tortoni, the most important and historic bar in Buenos Aires, during Homage to her grandfather, the legendary tango poet Armando Tagini, Vanina started a large career in Buenos Aires and other cities of the world. She was the first voice in Cafe Tortoni Tango Show (2004-2007), Michelangelo Tango Show (2007-2008), Boca Tango (2008), Calle de Tango (2008-2009), Tango Palace (2009), Piazzolla Tango (2010), Senor Tango (2015) Esquina Homero Manzi (2013-15), Tango Porteno (2016) – Piazzola Tango (2017-20) Palacio Tango (2020 – nowadays) and Bien de tango (2009-nowadays), among others. With Gabriel Merlino and also with legendary show Tango Pasion, she travelled to different points of the world, such as Canada, Europa (18 countries), Asia, Africa (Marocco), South and Central America. She has recorded as Session Voice for many important artists and projects. In May 2009 she made her first European Tour. From this moment she has realized more than 25 tours. Her first CD, “Otro cantar”, was published in 2009. She have recorded two CD´s in duo with Gabriel Merlino, called Intimos (Tango and world music, 2011-2014). Her second studio CD, called Urbana, was released on 2020.
Gabriel Merlino (born 1977) is one of the most important bandoneon players from the new generation. From 8 years old he started with bandoneon studies. His professors were Alejandro Barletta, the biggest bandoneon classical concertist in history, and Marcos Madrigal. His professional career began when Merlino was 12, playing in chamera orquestras, tango shows and having the support of Leopoldo Federico or Jose Libertella from Sexteto Mayor. In 1995 he created Nuevo Siglo Tango, a quartet who was pioneer from the new generation of Tango Groups in Argentina. With Nuevo Siglo he performed between 1996 and 2001, more than 800 concerts, in theaters, radio and television (he was, for example, the first bandoneon player on giving Bandoneon Cathedra on Argentine TV). Between 2002 and nowadays he made 35 tours around USA, 25 countries in Europe, Canada, Asia and Africa, with his bandoneon solos show and with his different ensembles. Merlino recorded in 2005 “Bandoneon Dreams”, the first world music bandoneon recording, with jazz, Latin, baroque, folk, and tango, in standards form and own compositions too. He also wrote the original music for several theater pieces and film music.



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